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Whether you require reliable drug testing supplies for your business, organization, or even for personal use, we have got what you need. We are America’s choice for quality, affordable easy-to-use drug testing products designed with reliability, accuracy, and timeliness for performing any drug screening test. Our test cups are FDA approved and CLIA waived.

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Providing You with Quality, Affordable Drug Screening Products


The founders of myTOXCUP have been involved in the healthcare and drug testing market since 2022 and have a healthcare background spanning. It is that experience and know-how that led them to create a superior drug testing product. You can depend on myTOXCUP to deliver the highest quality products that achieve consistent results. These 12 panel drug test cups rank among the best in the world and are used by doctors, treatment and detox centers, and hospitals worldwide.


99% Accuracy – You will not find a better made 16 Panel Drug Test Cup. The Baker Report rated us number one. myTOXCUP was designed for Personal and Professional use where reliability is paramount. The cup is so easy to use that is also a popular Home Drug Test Kit. Using myTOXCUP is as simple as collecting a specimen, waiting a minute and looking at the results. Results can be viewed in as little as one minute and full results will show in about 5 minutes.